Highest Quality Permanent Makeup Services

Hair Stroke Brows$475

This is the most advanced and natural looking technique performed with nano needle to create realistic looking brow.

Ombre/Powder Brows$475

The most popular technique in Europe, performed with a single needle for a powdery effect. Perfect procedure for those who want a more filled, penciled-in eyebrow look. Great for all skin types.

Combo Brows$500

This is a combination of two different techniques - Hair Stroke Brows and Ombre/Powder Brows. Combining the two techniques gives a natural and fluffy look.

Old Permanent Makeup Correction$500

Color and shape correction is performed on old ,very faint (faded) permanent make up.

Classic Top Eyeliner$500

For those who want to put their eyeliner pencil away for several years. Just pick your favorite eyeliner shape and thickness.

Bottom Eyeliner$100

This process brings definition to the lower lash line making the eye appear bigger.

Soft Eyelash Enhancement$400

Very natural looking technique that brings definition and a fuller lash look to the eye.

Permanent Lips (Lipstick Effect)$500

Perfect procedure to bring back lost border and volume of the lip due to aging. Just pick your favorite lip shade.

Ombre Lips (Sheer Effect)$475

Suitable for younger clients who want a soft color without a strong border.

Touch Ups On All Services$50

Touch ups done within 2 months of initial procedure is $50.

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